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How to Write a Historically-Based Novel When Living in the 21st Century

The 21st Century is amazing in a lot of ways.  We have medicine and other medical technologies that help us remain healthy.  We have electronics that help us stay closer connected.  We've made our own culture, the likes of which the world has never seen before.  And we have Twitter.  Twitter is definitely the best part of the 21st Century.

While many aspects of life now are much better, one of the hardest things about living in the modern age is the difficulty to connect to the past.  Even 100 years ago, culture was far closer to the ancient cultures of Rome and England, China and Egypt, to name a few.  In other words, our culture is so different from those we learn about in History class that it becomes hard to relate to them and envision them.
This is especially difficult for writers because unlike commoners non-writers, many of us write historically-based works.  Some of us write about specific moments in history, like during the fall of the Roman Empire or the reign of King Ge…

The Six Question Character Challenge: A Peek at the Characters from The Dragon Stone War

I was REALLY hoping to get tagged in this.  And then Hannah Heath tagged me in it.

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Thank you, Hannah, for tagging me, I very much appreciate it. You're amazing. :)  You can also click here to see Hannah's post for this tag.

Alright, let's get down to business.  So as you already know from the title, this is the Six Question Character Challenge.  But you probably don't know anything about my actual novel.  Which isn't good.  So let me introduce you to my story!

My novel's working title is The Dragon Stone War.  This is a series title, actually, since I'm planning to make this story into a series.  So far, I've only been working on the first book and a bit on the second.  Anyway, the REAL title of my first book (the working title, mind you) is Into The Desert.  So th…

Guest Week: Trying Writing Life Hacks

Hey Everyone! My name is Abby, and Luke asked me to guest blog this week.
A little about me: I met Luke through our homeschool group, I could eat pizza everyday, I LOVE reading and writing books\stories, I have a blog but I don’t post there, I procrastinate alot, I like snapchat, I hate when people eat food loudly and I am probably going to be the youngest guest blogger here.

Now that we are acquainted let me tell you why I decided to talk about writing life hacks. As I was mulling over millions of ideas (okay it was only 5 but...) the idea of trying some writing tips came to my mind. I had several ideas of things I could try, and several other ideas I had seen on Pinterest. However, then I remembered how on YouTube the whole “life hacks” and “trying ___” has been super popular! What better of a way then to kind of poke fun at it a little bit, and title this Trying Writing Life Hacks.

Hack #1: Download the app Evernote I saw a lot of writers recommending this app, so I immediately downl…

How I Accomplish Tasks With Monthly Goals

Today is blogger's choice, which means I can talk about whatever I want!  Mwahahahahaha...

But we're still talking about writing today!  Kinda.  Sorta.  Not really.

I don't know about you, but I am one of those people who has a really hard time getting things done.  Like important things.  I am a world-class procrastinator.  I'm also terrible with mental to-do lists (I always forget everything).    So one of the best ways to combat that, I have found, is to make a list of my monthly goals.  This is similar to quarterly goals (which is probably more common that monthly goals) but I find monthly goals much more attainable than quarterly goals for some reason.  I guess for me, three whole months allows too much time for procrastination, whereas with a month, you only have 30ish days to finish the list.  That just works better for me.

So here's how I like to prepare and accomplish my monthly goals!  I thought this would be a perfect time to do a blog post like this, s…