The Six Question Character Challenge: A Peek at the Characters from The Dragon Stone War

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Alright, let's get down to business.  So as you already know from the title, this is the Six Question Character Challenge.  But you probably don't know anything about my actual novel.  Which isn't good.  So let me introduce you to my story!

My novel's working title is The Dragon Stone War.  This is a series title, actually, since I'm planning to make this story into a series.  So far, I've only been working on the first book and a bit on the second.  Anyway, the REAL title of my first book (the working title, mind you) is Into The Desert.  So the title would read The Dragon Stone War: Into The Desert.

I would classify my novel as high fantasy.  I don't want to say YA because I feel like all sorts of stereotypes go with that "genre", but I guess you could call it that as well if you really wanted to.
I don't really have the time in this post to get into my plot (AKA I'm too lazy), so I'll just let you dive into the rest of this tag!

These are the six questions I'll be answering about some of my most important characters:

  1. A contradiction within the character (the good kind that indicates depth)
  2. The character's Meyers-Briggs type
  3. Favorite color
  4. How would they slay a dragon?  (Even if there aren't dragons in your book)
  5. What is their darkest secret?
  6. Where do they see themselves in ten years?
Also, I should mention, I'm including a photo for each of my characters, like many others who have done this tag before me.  And they're all from Pinterest, in case anyone is interested.

Found via Pinterest
Sacora (protagonist): 

Contradiction:  Sacora loves her family and friends, but hates when they get too involved in her life.

Personality Type:  ESTP

Favorite color:  Blue (the color of the sea).

How would she slay a dragon?  She would use her dual katanas, trying to weaken its balance.  However, she would completely underestimate its strength and agility.  She'd probably end up getting toasted.

Darkest secret:  Sacora hates being a princess.

In ten years:  The war would be over, Emperor Terralus would be killed, and everything would be perfect.

Found via Pinterest
Aladon (secondary character):

Contradiction:  He's a fearless leader and warrior, but he's very shy in social situations.

Personality Type:  ISTJ

Favorite color:  Dark purple.

Dragon slaying:  Aladon would charge, head on, his sword in hand, probably in a loud battle cry.

Darkest secret:  He misses his mother terribly.  He even cries in his sleep sometimes.

In ten years:  He would be an even better swordsman, perhaps a general in the army.  But the future really isn't on Aladon's mind all that much.

Found via Pinterest
Arel (secondary character):

Contradiction:   Arel is one of the funniest and happiest people you'll ever meet, yet he is often very lonely.

Personality Type:  ENFP

Favorite color:  Green.  It's an amazing color. :)

Dragon slaying:  Since Arel is a dragon trainer after all, he would definitely use his vast knowledge of dragons to know their every weakness, and then kill it with his dragon tooth dagger.

Darkest secret:  Arel hates a lot of things about his life...

In ten years:  Lanzhou would be rid of the horrible Cujinians, Master Ioxes would be the most famous dragon trainer in the world, and Arel would still be training dragons and loving it.

Fount via Pinterest
Eldana (secondary character):

Contradiction:  Eldana is a ruthless bounty hunter who has a criminal record, but she's very picky about her personal appearance and spends lots of time on her clothes and makeup.

Personality Type:  ESTJ

Favorite color:  Gold.

Dragon slaying:  Eldana would tear the dragon to shreds with the concealed blade on the end of her whip.

Darkest secret:  Eldana really misses her family, and has even considered returning to them.

In ten years:  Eldana would have made enough money to retire, and she would also be the most famous bounty hunter in the world.  Also, she'd still be in a relationship with Iger, hopefully married by that point.

Found via Pinterest
Silva (Secondary character):

Contradiction:  Silva loves her friends and is a very sociable person, but she also desperately needs her alone time to refocus her mind.

Personality Type:  ISFJ

Favorite color:  Yellow.

Dragon slaying:  Silva would never even try to slay a dragon.  She would run.

Darkest secret:  Even after all these years, Silva is still completely furious with her parents for sending her away from home as a young child to to become a servant for Princess Sacora.

In ten years:  Silva would be living in Villaka still, but perhaps with a different job.  She would also like to be married by that point.

I had planned to include my villain as well, but there would be spoilers left and right.  No spoilers, sorry. :)

I tag Naomi Downing, Brianna Merritt, and Abby Hoffman.  If you're not already following these brilliant writers, you should be.  Don't make me use my Jedi powers on you again.  Also, I further tag any of you who feel inclined to do the Six Question Character Challenge.  Have fun!

Note: For those of you who use my labels to find older blog posts (if you don't, you should), I just created a label titled DSW, which simply stands for my book, The Dragon Stone War.  Just in case you were curious.

Until next Saturday, happy writing! :)


  1. *drools on keyboard* So many cool characters, Luke! I think Eldana stood out to me most because a) Her contradiction is hilarious and b) Bounty hunters in fiction are always cool. I also liked Arel because...well...dragon training. =D I'm so glad you participated in this post! Your book sounds awesome. I would love to read a story with characters like this.

    Thank you so much for the nice shout out! You are quite skilled in Jedi mind tricks. I clicked on my link before realizing, "Hey, I'M Hannah Heath!" =D

    1. Thank you SO MUCH!! Your comment literally made my day. =D

      Getting feedback like this is SOOO helpful for me since I'm now in the editing process, and just knowing that someone is fascinated by my characters makes me even more excited to finish editing my book. Thank you, a million times over. And I'm so glad the Jedi mind trick was successful! ;) Hopefully a few extra readers pop over to your blog. =D

  2. These are all awesome! Also I want a dragon tooth dagger now. Where can I get one? ;)

    1. Sorry, you'll have to slay a dragon yourself for the dragon tooth dagger. ;) Thanks, I'm so glad you like my characters!! :)

  3. Hannah got me over here, so you have her to thank for that. :) I love your character's names and everything! It sounds like an epic story. Good luck!!!

    1. Thank you very much! So happy you like the names. Your feedback means a lot!!! :)


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