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Ten Movies You NEED to Watch

Hi, guys!! :)

So I started online college this week.  I got four classes worth fifteen credits, plus piano lessons and some psychology studying.  Yep, I am very busy, but I still got a sliver of time for writing blog posts!! :)

Today, I'm gonna be talking about ten movies that I LOVE.  I highly recommend all ten of these movies.  I have seen all of them at least twice, and some of them over a dozen times.  Here, in no particular order, are ten movies you need to watch!!

The Hundred Foot Journey
This movies combines a lot of things I personally love: food and cooking, a love story, and a message about overcoming the odds.  This film is set in France, and is about a family from India that moves to the French countryside and wishes to start a restaurant there.  This movie is a visual feast.

The Lady Vanishes
The oldest movie on my list, the Lady Vanishes was made way back in 1938.  This mystery movie directed by Alfred Hitchcock is a true masterpiece that has a truly brilliant plot.  T…

Editing Tips: How To Edit A First Draft

Hi everyone, IT'S 2017!!!  And I'm back with a writing blog post!!

Editing a first draft can be very daunting, especially for new writers.  First drafts are usually a complete mess, and it's scary to approach editing the first draft when it's such a mess.  But with a little preparation and brainstorming, you'll find that the editing process is much less overwhelming than you thought.

I've been editing my current project for a while now, and I feel like I have found both helpful techniques and unhelpful ones.  So today I thought I'd share these tips!! :)

1.  After finishing your rough draft, LEAVE THE PROJECT BE.  Yes, I KNOW, you're dying to go back and reread that one scene in chapter 14, or make that data consistent that you changed halfway through the book.  But it really is best if you just leave your project entirely for at least a week or two and let your mind sift through everything before coming back.  You'll be less likely to burn out quickl…