*no idea what to call this* XD

*wakes up and realizes that I promised to do a blog post today*

So yay for leaving things to the last minute again. XD

Hi everyone!  This week has been...let's just call it insane and move on, but I feel like there's a more accurate word that sounds something like torture (I hope y'all know I'm being sarcastic).  Seriously though, this week was insane, yesterday I did school until 8:00pm and I still have to write a five-page paper, take three tests, type a page of notes, and post in a school discussion forum.

So that's what I'm doing as soon as I post this.  I also have a funeral today (you can probably tell that I'm not particularly excited about this day).

BUT.  All is not lost.  Because today, Camp NaNoWriMo begins!! :D  I am super excited to have more dedicated time for writing this month.  I will continue revising my story The War of the Dragon Stone: Into The Desert (which is a working title, btw), and maybe start planning its sequel.  Which will be really fun!

I'm sorry for all these boring life updates lately.  I hope to have something more interesting to tell you next week!  (OH I know!  I'm working on a very cool and secret project with a fellow blogger of mine that I am super excited about!  I can't give out details, but it involves writing.  I haven't talked  to the friend about how public we'll want our project to go, but I hope I can share it with you guys!)

Anyway.  I'm really sorry for not having any "proper" blog posts lately.  As soon as I get a handle on my school, I will take some time and write a more interesting blog post for y'all.  Have a good week, okay?!  Go out there and write all the books and read all the books too and just have an amazing week. :D


  1. Totally get it! oh those test/exams though, had one yesterday (still have recovered from it :P) You got this dude! I was actually going to try out this Camp NaNo thingy. Lets see what can get done :)

  2. Good to know that I'm not the only one with an insane life right now. ;) Is this the first time you've participated in Camp NaNo?
    And no, these updates aren't boring. XD You're doing fine. :)

  3. I like the new layout! And as for boring life updates? Someday, when you're a famous author, we'll call them "fascinating insights into the author's youth." xD

  4. we'll be waiting for your next post!

  5. Wow, I haven't been on your blog in a while and I love love the new design! Nice job Luke! Oh goodness you sound like you're very busy. Hey summer is almost here so hang in there ok? :)


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