What I've been writing lately!

Hi everyone! :)

One of the main reasons I haven't been blogging as much over the last months is actually because I've been doing a lot of editing on my fantasy novel!  So I thought I'd give y'all a quick update on my writing project as a blog post this week. :)

1.  My NaNoWriMo 2016 project is on the back burner as I continue to revise my fantasy novel. For NaNoWriMo 2016, I wrote a contemporary spy thriller that was actually pretty cool.  The only problem was that I was also currently not finished editing my fantasy novel, Into The Desert.  I found out that I can't handle two projects at once, it doesn't work for me that well.  So I decided that I'm gonna finish my fantasy novel before starting anything new.  Meanwhile, I'm gonna leave my spy thriller for a while until I decide to pick it up again.  Which I do plan to do at some point.

2.  December, January, & February were a writing hiatus, for the most part.  I didn't write very much through those three months.  I had a lot of life things going on.  I enjoyed my Christmas vacation, and then started college in January, so life kinda got in the way of writing.

3.  In March, I jumped back into my project, filling two major plot holes.  I tackled my project in March, changing several important things in the ending.  I even added an awesome execution scene. XD

4.  For Camp NaNoWriMo April, I finished another draft of my novel.  After finishing with those plot holes, I finished another draft of my manuscript.  Overall, I feel like the novel is getting close to being finished.  A few spots need touching up, and I have to make some changes in the POV, but for the most part, the novel is going in the right direction.

5.  I'm currently reading through my manuscript, making small changes (word choice, grammar, etc.) while taking notes on my plot and characters.  This is sort of another draft that I'm working on.  I'm trying to be really critical of my writing in my notes so I can really figure out where I need to make changes.  I'm currently in Chapter 3.

6.  Once this note-taking draft is done, I will probably only need one more draft (two drafts tops) before I start looking for beta readers.  I hope to have my manuscript ready for beta readers by the fall.  That's my current goal.  I don't have anything more to tell you involving my beta reader hunt, but I hope I can ask some of you to be beta readers for me if any of you would be interested?  I hope to have more details available later in the summer. :)

Well, that's what's going on for me and writing right now.  Did you find this interesting?  Would you like to hear more about my manuscript in the future?  Also, is there any writing advice you'd like to hear from me?  I don't consider myself a "writing expert", not in any way, but y'all really seemed to enjoy my blog posts with writing tips, so if you have any specific blog post ideas, let me know!


  1. Awesome blog! ^.^

    Would you mind checking out my book reviews blog at https://elsbookreviews.blogspot.ca/ and possibly give it a follow? Super excited to read your posts!

    - El

  2. I'm glad you've been productive with your writing! I hope everything goes well! I wish I were more focused on my writing :(

  3. Your book sounds awesome! As a lover of reading, I will happily volunteer to be a beta reader if you don't find enough help.

  4. OOaaaa DUDE that sounds awesome! Sounds like it's coming along well!

  5. Hello! I'm kind of a secret follower who has not subscribed and I would have jumped right in to saying what I was going to say but realised I should probably introduce myself :) (just a note I have been reading your blog since the winter and gone through all your archives and great blog you have I love it!)

    Good for you and your writing. You all are so much more advanced than me. I'm doing first draft of first ever novel for Camp Nano this month.

    So when you are done I am so here to beta read for you if you want me... I keep forgetting you don't know me yet :P

    But when you have a minute come check me out and I'll be reading all your future posts :D



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